Comments From Our Patients 

"The therapists didn’t do 'cookie cutter' treatment; they tried to give me things that would help that I could do and feel some relief."

"The whole experience at The Compass Rehabilitation Center has been phenomenal."

"This is the most efficient PT I have ever received. No other PT center can even come close!"

"Your staff is very friendly and considerate. I was very stressed and they comforted me and stayed with me until I was better."

"I would rate the Compass Rehabilitation Center with five gold stars, outstanding, and it has the best help to get people feeling better fast!"

"Everything was right; kind, caring staff and the doctor was not rushed so I feel like I could ask questions."

"It is a superior pool to most others at other facilities."

"The care and treatment I received was exceptional. They were all very knowledgeable and reassuring; you offer great, super service.

"From the time I arrived I was made comfortable and treated with the most respect. Everyone was very nice caring for me as a human not a number."

"The coordination and efficiency of care at your office is remarkable. What a model for others!"

"This clinic was very clean! My privacy was taken care of and respected."

"I already recommended the Compass Rehabilitation Center to a co-worker."

"It is very beneficial to the patient to have the integrated system you have. I like that all of my care team can see my records and collaborate."

"You folks were the best I could ever have expected!"

"Wonderful staff!"

"I suffer from anxiety and this place helps me to relax, especially with the staff in the procedure room. They're great people."

"I would recommend The Compass Rehabilitation Center to everyone; you people are wonderful in every way."

“It’s a great place. PTs are all knowledgeable and the reception staff are friendly and helpful.”“I am very pleased with the results of my physical therapy and will definitely return to the Compass Rehabilitation Center if necessary! Thank you."

“I never felt rushed… Overall a very positive experience”

“I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and advice.”

“Overall, this was the best PT experience I have had and I have been in therapy several times. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!!”

“I have recommended The Compass Rehabilitation Center on several occasions and will continue to do so. The Compass Rehabilitation Center is the best PT I have had and I have gone to many.”

“Thank you for hiring the best employees.”

“Thank you so very, very much!!! It’s nice to be back to myself again without pain.”

“They asked what my goals were and then targeted the therapy to achieve those goals.”

“They communicated well, cared, educated me about my condition and how to deal with it.”

“Every time I came in, they were always on time or early.”

“They treated me with respect and dignity. I felt that they truly cared about my well-being.”

“I already recommended the center to a co-worker”

“Rooms were clean, Procedure room was bright, well ventilated... They are the best”

“Very professional, explained the procedure so I could understand it.”

“Made me feel at ease; explained things thoroughly”

“Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate, I felt very comfortable and at ease during my entire visit”

“The Compass Rehabilitation Center staff ended 26 years of unrelenting pain."

"From the courteous, professional staff, Dr. Wheeler's compassionate manner and expertise to the office efficiency. You are all amazing. You went so far beyond the extra mile for me that I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much."

“I called Dr. Winnie my miracle doctor. After my neck injections, my headaches started to go away. His staff was also very caring. They were never too busy to answer questions and concerns. I’m very grateful to them all.”  

“Dr. Winnie is the best thing that has happened to me in my 15 years of pain!”

"I cannot believe the difference in my life from four years ago back to 15 years prior. Dr. Wheeler and Dr. Elnabtity (Lansing Neurosurgery) have worked miracles. My legs, arms, hips, shoulders, and spine are amazingly better. I forget sometimes all the nerve pain I used to feel and now hardly ever. Thank you."

“For the past two years, if I fell, I couldn’t get up – I can now.”

"The Compass Rehabilitation Center’s PT staff was very compassionate and encouraged me to do my best. I looked forward to my physical therapy visit as I knew with each appointment I was one step closer to my recovery. I would highly recommend Compass Rehabilitation Center for any of my friends or family member’s needs."

"Your center is great. I can't say enough good things about your physical therapists. They are all very professional and have a very caring spirit about them. They approached my back pain from so many different avenues. I would definitely ask for their help again." 

"I have never been treated as well as I have at The Compass Rehabilitation Center. The receptionist, nurses, and physicians are all kind and friendly. They make me feel comfortable and really listen to me."

"I expected therapy to amount to the step required by my doctor before performing surgery. I was amazed that after my first week of therapy my pain decreased about 70%. I would only change that I wish I would have started therapy much earlier." 

"I would recommend The Compass Rehabilitation Center to everyone who is having back problems. From my first visit I felt the staff knew exactly what they were doing."

"You have a great group of therapists working for you! They are very compassionate people and showed that they truly cared about their patients! They were always very encouraging. I will truly miss everyone and I just want to say thank you for all your hard work!"

"Not only did the physical therapist explain how and what to do, I learned why.  I was informed about what not to do, and because of this I have gotten rid of really bad habits.  The therapist was patient and understanding, did not push if I was in pain, and I usually left feeling better.  I have had quite a few therapists, and none of them have had the same level of abilities."

“Some doctors suggested permanent disability. Your office was able to create a plan with possibilities of returning to work and in the end, it was a success.”

“I dreaded PT because I had it early on in treatment at another location. However, The Compass Rehabilitation Center was a truly rewarding experience from treatment to helpful personnel. I went away equipped to carry on in my own endeavors. I have already recommended The Compass Rehabilitation Center to others and will continue.” 

“My therapist was awesome. She made sure I did things properly and challenged me to do more and better... I will always appreciate her for giving my grandson his grandpa back!”