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Ryan Topham, M.D.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist


Stanford University, Interventional Spine, 2011


University of Michigan, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2010

Medical School:

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 2006


University of Notre Dame, 1996

About Ryan Topham

A comprehensive interventional spine physician, Dr. Topham treats medical issues ranging from the neck to the lumbar spine, including medical issues of the shoulders and hips. In addition, as a former professional baseball player, he has a specific interest in the effects of sports related injuries to the spine and the appropriate medical intervention for treatment and rehabilitation. Dr. Topham identifies the accessibility to The Compass Rehabilitation Center team of therapists, pain psychology and chiropractic care as a unique opportunity to collaboratively assess and identify the most appropriate treatment approach for each of his patients. The value of this interaction between physician and other providers creates a true win-win for each patient through the creation of a comprehensive,  individualized plan of care by a “team” dedicated to the overall health and care of the patient, and the greatest improvement of the presenting condition.

With a keen interest in overall health and well being, Dr. Topham sees the comprehensive nature of the care provided at The Compass Rehabilitation Center as an intimate environment that goes beyond medication, injections and other important medical interventions. It offers a team approach to fitness, health and lifestyle, addressing the needs of the total patient in a multifaceted, patient centered and patient friendly way.

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