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Jon Chester, P.T., O.M.P.T., C.E.A.S.

Physical Therapist

Master of Physical Therapy:

Oakland University

Bachelor of Science, Physical Education:

Bowling Green State University

Board Certified Clinical Specialist:


About Jon Chester

Residency trained in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy
Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

Jon received his MPT from Oakland University in 1996 and since then has completed post graduate residency training in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy as well as training in osteopathic approaches and movement system integration approaches to reducing joint dysfunction and pain. He utilizes manipulation/mobilization, neuromuscular re-education, strain – counterstrain principles and McKenzie disc centralization principles regularly for spinal issues. He likes to work with the body as a whole or interdependent system and maintains an awareness of interrelationships of body regions to help eliminate or reduce pain and improve balance and gait. Ideal patients include; spine related pain and referred pain, gait dysfunction, shoulder and knee issues that persist after conventional single joint focused treatments, knee and hip replacement, and patients who may be hyper-mobile and have a narrow margin of movement tolerance. Jon has a physical education and youth coaching background, as well as 5 kids, so he is also comfortable working with children who need help reducing pain related to movement or postural dysfunction or muscle/joint imbalance.

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