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Evan Goodman, Ph.D.

Pain Psychologist

Evan Goodman, Ph.D., our pain psychologist, believes that chronic pain is its own disease process that imposes significant emotional, physical, economic and social stresses on patients, families and loved ones. There is no question that continuous pain greatly erodes any chance at a meaningful life. The purpose of working with a pain psychologist, when a complete pain cure is not possible, is to reduce and manage the pain, restore function and improve quality of life. An important component of recovery with chronic pain is for the patient to shift from a symptom-focused mindset to a goal- or solution-focused mindset; though it may seem paradoxical, patients with the latter mindset tend to recover faster and report better quality of life outcomes. Dr. Goodman offers several treatment options including individual psychotherapy, solution-focused counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, chronic pain management, progressive muscular relaxation training. Dr. Goodman provides consultations and counseling for bariatric surgery candidates, and works closely with the Sparrow Medical Group Bariatric Program. Dr. Goodman is an associate member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). The goal of rendering psychological clearance for bariatric surgery is to determine that the bariatric candidate can self-manage pre- and post-surgical dietary and lifestyle requirements. Follow-up counseling can be helpful in managing diet, lifestyle and the associated psychological changes that go along with bariatric surgery (e.g., body image changes, feeling “full” vs. satiated). Dr. Goodman also works with patients not pursuing bariatric surgery but still looking for psychological support with diet and weight loss efforts. Dr. Goodman is fluent in American Sign Language and provides counseling and consultations to d/Deaf, hard-of-hearing patients as well.

Dr. Goodman received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Grand Valley State University in 2008, and went on to complete his PhD in Clinical Psychology at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC in 2017. Along the way he completed his pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral training at Park Center, Inc. of Fort Wayne, IN, which is APA- and Joint Commission-accredited. Dr. Goodman currently serves on the Recipient Rights Committee at the Tri-County Community Mental Health Authority. He is a member of the Recipient Rights Committee with our local CMH and a part of both the DEI and insurance committees for Michigan Psychological Association (MPA). The MPA advocates for policies and practices that will increase access and remove barriers to high quality care, provides insurers with educational materials about mental health services and advocates for legislation.

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