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Pain Psychology

Our pain psychologist believes that chronic pain is its own disease process that imposes severe emotional, physical, economic and social stresses on patients and families. There is no question that continuous pain greatly impacts a person’s lifestyle and can erode any chance at a meaningful life. The goal of working with a pain psychologist, when a complete pain cure is not possible, is to reduce and manage the pain, restore functioning and improve overall quality of life. We work closely together to provide pain management consultations and supportive counseling to patients. Options offered include individual psychotherapy; group pain management therapy; mindfulness and relaxation training; cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Goodman provides bariatric consultations to patients undergoing bariatric surgery planning, as well as pre- and post-surgical counseling. Dr. Goodman is fluent in American Sign Language and treats patients who use both spoken language and signed language in addressing medical, occupational and psychosocial difficulties associated with hearing loss and deafness.

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