Muscle Relaxation Training

Some patients are told about and many ask for strategies to “live with their pain”. Doctors have taught these skills since the beginning of time. The skills used to manage chronic pain gave three basic ingredients:

  1. To learn a number of different strategies to deeply relax your muscles.
  2. To practice clearing your mind of all intruding thoughts.
  3. To reset you thinking patterns.

Guidelines for Relaxation

  • Don’t do this in the car.
  • Make time to practice these relaxation/pain control strategies
  • Turn off your cell phone; this is your time only.
  • Don’t worry about how well you are performing. Relaxation will occur at its own pace.
  • With practice the techniques become automatic.
  • Relaxation training is natural, easily learned and pleasant, so enjoy!
  • Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, breathe, relax, and start the CD.