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Work-Related Injuries

Each year, worker injuries account for millions of dollars and countless hours of lost time that can never be recovered. It is the focus of numerous studies and efforts to both limit such injuries and appropriately return these workers to productive status on a timely basis. At the Compass Rehabilitation Center in East Lansing that is exactly what we do.

Offering comprehensive services in Physical Therapy, Pain Psychology, Assessment and Management, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, our team at the Compass Rehabilitation Center is managed and coordinated by Board Certified Rehabilitation physicians. Our services can treat a variety of conditions that may occur in the work place including: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back and Lower Back Pain, Joint Pain, Shoulder and Neck Stiffness, Tension Headaches and more! Taking a multidimensional approach to creating a treatment and rehabilitation plan for the injured worker, the team at the Compass Rehabilitation Center focuses on the well-being of the injured worker as well as the return of this patient to physical functionality and productivity.

Our goal, working directly with the case manager, will be open and timely communications and the return of the patient to full or restricted work, with an ability to complete a normal workday and work week.

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