Pregnancy Back Pain

Back Pain During Pregnancy Article by Spine Center PT Featured in Local Magazine

Karen Litos, PT, MPT is The Compass Rehabilitation Center's in-house Obstetrics Physical Therapist with extensive experience and education in evaluation and treatment of pregnant and postpartum women suffering from pain.

Advantages of Aquatic Exercise During Pregnancy

By Karen Woodman, Obstetrics PT
I love to take advantage of our large therapy pool for treating pregnant patients. Why? The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends immersion as one of the most effective forms of exercise during pregnancy. ACOG states there have been no reports of harm to the fetus during aquatic exercise.
Benefits include:
  • Buoyancy: The belly floats relieving pressure and pain in the groin and back with immersion.

What Does A Prenatal PT Do?

By Karen Woodman, Obstetrics PT
What's the difference between your traditional exercise instructor and a prenatal PT? While both may be beneficial, there are significant differences between the two.

After the Baby: Regaining Abdominal Strength

By Karen Woodman, Obstetrics PT

The abdominal muscles aid in breathing, coughing, sneezing and bowel movements. They provide stability to the trunk and stabilize the spine during lifting. They also help you maintain good posture, so there are lots of important reasons to strengthen your stomach muscles!
During pregnancy, the abdominals are stretched, weaken and often separate (known as diastasis recti).

Baby Body Mechanics: Protect Your Back!

By Karen Woodman, Obstetrics PT
Correct posture principles when caring for your baby:
  • Keep your back slightly arched and bend your knees when lifting your baby.
  • Before standing or lifting, pull in and lift your lower belly muscles, continuing to breath.
  • Hold your baby close to your body.
  • Try using support when carrying your baby (i.e.

For Providers . . . Your Patients May Benefit From Obstetrics Physical Therapy!

By Karen Woodman, Obstetrics PT
Physical therapists are uniquely trained to treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions. An Obstetrics PT specializes in the evaluation and treatment of women during pregnancy having pain or dysfunction related to pregnancy, delivery, or postpartum. Postpartum problems may arise immediately after delivery or anytime during the first year.
Who should be referred:
Back, sacral, hip, pelvic and rib pain
Neck or upper back pain

Yoga and Exercise Build Strength During Pregnancy

By Karen Woodman, Obstetrics PT


Yoga is a safe way to improve flexibility and build your strength during pregnancy, but there are some precautions. Keep in mind the following recommendations before you start any yoga program:
  • Avoid extreme end-range twisting movements.

Pregnancy Related Lower Back Pain News Report

For pregnant women, back pain can make it hard to walk or do daily activities, often forcing a woman into bed rest. Compass Rehabilitation Center in East Lansing, Michigan has a solution. WILX News 10 has a special report on this new back pain therapy.

Physical Therapy Tips For Pregnant Women

  1. Wear shoes with good arch supports. All your ligaments are stretching out including the ones on the bottom of your feet.
  2. Pace yourself and keep hydrated! Your body temp raises quickly during exercise now that you are carrying extra cargo.
  3. Watch your posture, especially while sitting for long periods of time. Sit as tall as you can, on your 'sitz bones' instead of your tailbone.
  4. Breathe! Another reason to watch your posture is to allow enough room for your lungs to expand.
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