For Providers . . . Your Patients May Benefit From Obstetrics Physical Therapy!

By Karen Woodman, Obstetrics PT
Physical therapists are uniquely trained to treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions. An Obstetrics PT specializes in the evaluation and treatment of women during pregnancy having pain or dysfunction related to pregnancy, delivery, or postpartum. Postpartum problems may arise immediately after delivery or anytime during the first year.
Who should be referred:
Back, sacral, hip, pelvic and rib pain
Neck or upper back pain
Sciatica, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet or other nerve symptoms
Decreased ability to perform work or home activities
Weak or tight muscles
Balance deficits
Urinary urgency or stress incontinence during pregnancy
Patients who desire to start or continue a safe exercise regimen
Diastasis rectus abdominus greater than 2 cm
Referrals can be phoned, faxed or emailed to:
Compass Rehabilitation Center
250 E. Saginaw St., East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 337-3080 – Telephone
(517) 337-3082 – Fax
Please include the following information on the script:
Treatment diagnosis (back pain, sciatica, etc)
Please note OB or Postpartum on the script!!!
Any precautions
‘PT eval and tx’ Attn: Karen Woodman
Please include a frequency and duration for treatment (i.e. 3 times per week for 4 weeks)
If possible, please include the nurse’s name and direct number for PT staff to contact.
Please feel free to contact our office if we can be of assistance to you!