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About Compass Rehabilitation

The very best team for Michigan pain management and treatment. Compass Rehabilitation center provides rehabilitation services and focuses on individualized care meant to meet each patient’s specific needs and goals.

Who We Are

Compass Rehabilitation Center has assembled the very best Michigan pain management and treatment team to provide rehabilitative care for our patients. The physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians and therapists of The Compass Rehabilitation Center provide both invasive and non-invasive pain management treatments for the neck, back, spine and extremities; electromyography (EMGs) ; nerve conduction studies; manual therapy and functionally-oriented physical therapy catering to the needs of spine, orthopedic and sports medicine patients. Our team of registered, licensed physical therapists offers more than 60 years of combined experience and focuses on effective patient-centered treatment plans.

At Compass Rehabilitation Center, we place a strong emphasis on individualized care with treatment options designed to meet each patient’s specific needs and goals. Our specialists provide a team approach to rehabilitative care, neck and spine health, sports medicine, physical medicine and pain management to restore our patients to their most productive and best health.